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Upon registration or password reset, you will receive USERNAME and PASSWORD for the portal via email.

You can also call your Avance Care office if you are having trouble with patient portal.

Learn How Patient Portal and Healow Can Connect You to Avance Care

How To Videos:

Why should I use Patient Portal / Healow?
There are so many reasons! Please see our quick Introductory Video about the benefits of Patient Portal and/or Healow.

I'm having trouble locating Avance Care in Healow. Can you help?
Why can't I find my provider or practice?
How do I log in for the first time?
I'm having an issue logging in for the first time, can you help me?
When logging in I am receiving a login error?
I forgot my PIN. How do I change my PIN?
What is the linking accounts feature? How do I link accounts?
How do I link another portal account to my Healow account?
Will the button wheel update with information for all of my linked accounts?
How do I remove a linked account?
How do I create a message?
How do I read new messages?
How do I enter my tracker information?
How do I delete or update an entry from my trackers?
How do I get my name updated in within the Healow app?
How can I view my past and upcoming appointments?
How do I view my visit summary?
How do I setup an appointment reminder?
How do I request medications?
How do I add medication to my list?
How do I request a medication refill?
How do I view my Lab and DI imaging results?
What does the paper icon to the right of the lab result name indicate?
How do I access My Chart?
How do I add notes to a scheduled appointment?
What is the updates tab?
Podcast mobile: Healow Commercial Break
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